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Online dating

Online dating

Surprisingly, the online dating sphere in Ukraine is just starting to really open up. Of course, young people who are actively looking for romance and adventure are the pioneers of online dating. The paradox is that students are already expanding their social circle by entering universities throughout the country. In "adulthood" the need for new social connections - acquaintances with guys and girls - is not decreasing, but increasing.

Dating site and social network
Many people turn to social media for the opportunity to form an opinion about a person. Communication takes place personally or indirectly - using comments on the publication.

On the other hand, there are specialized sites where people come to purposefully look for partners to create a family. Here, as a rule, they fill out the questionnaires and go through a simple registration procedure so that only the options that are suitable according to the algorithm are displayed in the search.
Let's start with the cons:

The page contains far from all the information about the person of interest.
Social media is for communication, not flirting.
Communication in the comments is not taken seriously. Attempts to establish a relationship may simply not be noticed.
Plus, it seems, one: here they are more willing to upload genuine photos.

Now about the cons of specialized sites:

There is no guarantee that the interlocutor is really who he claims to be.
Some people consider sites of this kind to be immoral, it can be difficult to explain to your soul mate that you registered there for friendship, not cheating.
Not everyone is ready to be tactful and show basic politeness.
There are several advantages:

* this is a place where people come with a specific purpose
* moderators filter out obviously fake profiles and can cancel a date
* the site does a lot for you: shortens the distance, removes social stiffness
* it is possible to purchase a VIP account with advanced features for online dating

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